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People Are Not Objects

All medications prescribed for psychological distress, whether professionally prescribed or self-prescribed become unnecessary when self-regulation and self-reliance are developed in a person. One just doesn’t need them anymore, though they seem necessary right up to the second one decides to stop using them. In my experience, I have found that in addition to their toxic […]

The Medication Myth

There is absolutely no valid scientific proof that psychological distress has a genetic or biological cause. I know: I have looked for such proof. I have found only biased, inaccurate research, most of it directly funded by pharmaceutical corporations or those reaping benefits from the money created by prescriptions, insurance premiums, and continued public and […]

Treating humans as people, not objects

In my training as a psychologist, I was taught to treat myself and my clients as objects, as machines needing mechanical repair. The medical model of mental illness was generated by research methods used in physical science for centuries. The same research tools used to study a rock, an ocean, or a bus are used […]

Some Core Values of the Full Spectrum Approach

We are so much more than a brain with legs and arms. An effective approach to psychological health must take into account our whole body. Through our choices in life, each of us becomes a unique combination of the effects of our nutrition, exercise, family, intimate relationships, and community. Each person brings unique knowledge of themselves, […]

Recovering from Psychiatry’s Medical Model

I am a recovering clinical psychologist. By this, I mean I am recovering from traumatic experiences that happened while I trained to become a licensed clinical psychologist.  For over a decade, I had to confront the outright errors, unproven assumptions, and dogmatic teaching styles of my teachers and supervisors concerning the “proven”causes and solutions to psychological distress: […]